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Law of Implication Review

Imagine if you lived in a world where there was no more bad. And there was only more good experiences to be had. Picture the scenario where you feel perfectly happy and there's nothing wrong in the world. You're with your favorite people and doing your favorite things to do. I like to picture being in a city on a hill where people come together in providence. 

I imagine dancing and laughing with my best friends and just feeling excited about life! I picture jumping up and down smiling and looking to my left, and looking to my right and seeing happy people celebrating life. 

How would you feel if the problems you're facing now were gone forever? Well, it's possible. Actually, it's critical for us to work together on solving it right now. You've just started the ultimate adventure, the next part of your life, the best part of your life and the way it will be for the rest of it.

That's what the law of implication is about. It's about getting rid of all the problems in the world so that every individual can experience the maximum net goodness of experience.

You may be thinking "Joseph, it's impossible to make the world perfect." Nothing is perfect and perfection is a standard that is too high and we're just going to feel let down in the end.

Well, I've got news for you. You're ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

It actually IS possible to make the world perfect. Otherwise, what would be the reason for existence? 

In the law of implication, we construct the meaning of words using scenarios. The word perfect is relative to a threshold. When we say make the world perfect, we mean perfect over a certain threshold. That threshold is where there is no more unnecessary bad experience in the world anymore, which comes from contradictions in our minds and/or the mind's of others. 

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About Me

Hi I'm Joseph Montero. I am an avid follower of David Mill's Law of Implication. The Law of Implication is the law that we are governed by. 

It's something any one person can figure out, but given that it took David Mills about 20 years or so, it's probably best to get help from him to shortcut your results. 

David was #1 in the world in the top strategy game "Magic the Gathering." He and his best friend and business partner, Mike Long were #1 and #2 in the world.

I started studying David's Law of Implication in 2016. I dropped everything and I made it my absolute priority to understand it. 

Fast forward 5 years later and I have a business that makes me 6 figures in profit per year. I have an amazing romantic relationship with my wonderful girlfriend Ashley. And I have a purpose. To make the world perfect by removing contradictions until there is no more unnecessary bad experience for anyone. 

I want to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. 

If you want to get in touch with me, my personal email is [email protected].