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How the Law of Attraction REALLY Works

The Law of Attraction has been around for since the early 19th century. The movie "The Secret" made it much more mainstream. People like Bob Proctor have used this supposed law to succeed in life and help many others. 

There is no doubt that Bob has had a great impact. Like all the greatest philosophers, they're just missing a critical piece of the puzzle that make everything fall into place. You see, many people have read Think and Grow Rich, they've gone to Tony Robbins seminars, and focus on positive thoughts. But somehow people still seem to be struggling and ultimately running in circles.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is supposed to be that you attract the surface intent of your thoughts. So if you focus on a million dollars, you'll attract it. Well, that's not giving the full picture. Plenty of people think about money all day long and struggle with it. It's not just that you need to be thinking about what you want. We actually need to figure out how to think properly. 

Instead of thinking in terms of attracting what you think about, think in terms of what are the implications of your thoughts (what HAS to be true) given what you're thinking and the logic behind it. 

The REAL Law of Attraction

The real law of attraction is the Law of Implication which was discovered by David Mills. The Law of implication states that you attract the implications of your thoughts. Which means, you attract what has to be true about your thoughts. 

Now, if you're using the law of implication, the next question you would ask is how do I know what's true? That is the most important question for us to ask and answer. But in the past, only the question was asked. But the answer wasn't discovered. Socrates had the question. But he didn't answer it. David Mill's found the answer. And I know it too. 

You know something because the opposite must be false. 

That is logic. That is non-equivocation. 

2 opposites cannot be both true or false in the same relationship. The only way it could is if you twist the meaning.