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How to Think Properly

The way to properly think is in terms of building scenarios and using words to express relationships. 

Normally, the way people think is by association. They have trains of thought. One thought leads to another but there's not really any intention. 

Instead, we want to be working on solving problems. 

You can only creatively work on one major problem at a time. But by default, people's minds are just scattered all over the place and don't really think through things.

In addition to building scenarios, we want to compare them using premises that we're trying to understand.

There are 2 extreme tests you can use to compare and test ideas: Very close, and very stretched.

For example, if you say making money is my absolute priority. Well, to think properly, picture the scenario where you work 100% of your time. That's not reasonable. You'd be miserable. You'd also starve and die. 

For testing very close, what would be an amount of work that might seem to be enough, but wouldn't get you over the hump of profiting and having successful customers.